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Green Beauty Cosmetics offers Natural Cosmetics For Health Conscious Women

Using natural cosmetics is the best way to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant without compromising your health with toxic chemicals.

You’ll be happy to know that Green Beauty Cosmetics has signed the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics” and is now one of their champion companies. This means that we have pledged to create products that are free of harmful chemicals, and because we love our furry friends, we would never even dream of testing our products on innocent animals! (Green Beauty Cosmetics is a member of PETA). Green Beauty Cosmetics is also listed in the green range in Skin Deep’s Cosmeticsdatabase (green means low or no health hazard).

So, if you are looking for natural cosmetics that are safe to use and made without testing on animals, check out some of the awesome praise given to me by happy customers…

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Green Beauty Products

Green Beauty Cosmetics is a line of natural cosmetics that are especially good for dry or mature skin. My line of natural cosmetics products can make your skin look radiant without ever compromising your health.

Green Beauty Samples

Generously sized samples are available of most things, so you can try the products before you buy full sized bottles. Just click on the Natural Cosmetics Shop Tab when you are ready to try some.

Natural Cosmetics

Green Beauty Cosmetics offers natural cosmetics made with no artificial flavors or coloring. You can choose from sheer lip tints, luxurious cream blushes and super shiny lip glosses made with the finest natural ingredients I could find. All the products are highly moisturizing and suitable for dry or mature skin.