Are you guilty of neglecting your skin?

Vacation, neglecting your skin

Vacation, neglecting your skin

Every year, the same thing happens…. July comes around and sales dip. I have heard that other businesses have the same issue. And, I guess it is natural, that when you go on vacation, you leave everything else behind, including your skin care products!

The problem is, your skin could suffer more than you know, even if it is only for a short time. It is not the amount of time that is the problem, it is the kind of damage you can expect when you are out and about for weeks on end…

If you end up on a beach, you are dealing with salt water, wind and sun exposure. This combo is one of the worst for both hair and skin. When I grew up in Norway, Norwegians take full advantage of these conditions. In Norway, the whole winter is very dark and cold and you can’t easily grow food or even hunt for food. So, they are completely dependent on preparing all the food for the whole year during the summer.

So, when they catch fish, they gut it and throw it on a rock. We call it rock fish. It dries up like jerky in no time, and the same can happen to your skin at the beach. Without moisturizer, you’ll end up “well preserved” at the end of your vacation, but that may not be a look that you will appreciate in the long run…

Summer, more than any other time, requires meticulous skin care if you want to preserve your skin’s youthful glow. So, here is what I would suggest:

1) a mild cleanser to remove sweat and sunscreen every night
2) a scrub or mask to remove old skin cells (once or twice a week)
3) a toner with antioxidants to prevent sun damage
4) a moisturizing serum containing hyaluronic acid – this will keep moisture in your skin cells
5) a face oil or rich cream that will seal in the moisture so it doesn’t evaporate
6) a sunscreen or foundation with natural spf

I wouldn’t go anywhere without all of those products in my bag. And, yes, everyone will laugh at you and judge you for bringing half of your bathroom with you just to go to the beach. My family used to judge my grandmother too, when I was just a kid. But, when she was 100 years old and had nicer skin than her own daughter, we didn’t laugh so loud any more. It actually made a huge difference!

It is the daily habits that keep your skin healthy, not a once in a while trip to an esthetician. So, try not to neglect your skin this summer. You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to totally pamper your skin after a day in sun, wind and water. Make it a commitment to yourself to love your skin! It is definitely worth the effort when you see the result!

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How to Get the Most out of Your Green Beauty Products

Full Product Line Photos

Full Product Line Photos

How do I choose the right beauty products for me?

With so many different types of green beauty products on the market, it is not easy to choose what products to buy. How do you decide what is right for you, when there are so many brands out there, each offering so many different products?

Trying to make sense out of it all can be very overwhelming. You may have to start by reading product labels first, so you can at least eliminate the brands that use ingredients that you want to avoid. But, even after finding a brand you like, you may still feel confused about what products to buy.

Different products have different benefits.

Toners, for example, moisturize and tighten the skin. Watery serums penetrate deep into the skin cells to increase the water levels. Thicker creams can seal in moisture and create a protective barrier that sits on top of the skin. Face oils repairs and re-generates damage in the cell membranes, while peptide creams are made to specifically slow down the signs of aging.

Once you know the benefits of each product, you just have to understand what your individual skin needs are, and then you can easily choose what is right for you.

What beauty products does your skin need?

If you are really young, you may only need a light moisturizing serum and you are good to go. If you get breakouts easily, you need products that won’t clog your pores, so you have to stay away from thick, heavy creams.

If you are dealing with skin that is dry, damaged and showing signs of aging, you might need to use a gentle, soap free cleanser that doesn’t strip away your natural oils. You might also want to use an alcohol free toner with antioxidants for skin repair and tightening, followed by a hyaluronic acid serum to increase water levels and plump skin cells back up.

For crow’s feet I would probably splurge on an eye cream with peptides. To seal in the moisture and repair and re-generate the lipid barrier, I would use a few drops of face oil.

Once the skin is clean, moisturized and protected, you can also choose to add a layer of natural sunscreen, foundation, tinted moisturizer or makeup.

Why so many layers?

If you wonder why you need so many layers, just remember, each layer serves a specific purpose. In younger skin, the natural lipid barrier seals in the moisture, but as we get older, the lipid barrier starts to break down. As a result, moisture evaporates and wrinkles form. This is when we have to add layers of products that can mimic the qualities of younger skin.

If you think about it, layering makes total sense. The older we are, the more layers we need to slow down the visible signs of aging and preserve a natural glow. And, yes, it will cost you more to buy a whole selection of products just to layer them on the skin, but you won’t need much of each product to make it work, and you’ll love it when you see the results of combining the products in this way.

Have you tried my Green Beauty Quiz yet?

This quiz will make it easy for you to decide what products you need. You only need to answer one question to get your list of products…

Click the link:
Green Beauty Quiz

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Green Beauty Giveaway

Natural Moisturizers By Green Beauty

Natural Moisturizers by Green Beauty

My very first Green Beauty Product Giveaway

I would love to put some stories on my blog from my happy customers about how the skin changed since they started layering the Green Beauty products. I’ll even give away 3 products with free shipping to the person who writes the best story.

I need to know what your problem was, what products you used, how long you used the products, and how your skin changed for the better, and I need your story by July 15th. So who wants to play?

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How Can I Love Myself Today?

Rainbow cups

Rainbow cups

This is a question I have started asking myself every morning. When asking a question like that, you set the tone for the whole day. Then you just have to be open to what happens and follow your bliss, and you’ll end up with the most amazing experiences that make you feel both loved and supported.

I had such a day just a few days ago. This day, I had an appointment with a counselor who had called me previously and offered to help me through the transition I’m in the middle of (divorce aftermath, courts, miscellaneous dramas, etc.)

I had to drive to the nearest town, 50 miles away, to get to my appointment. So, I left early, since I wasn’t sure where it was, and I also wanted to have a bit of time to go shopping, just for fun.

The first place I went to was the dollar store. I love this place, because you never know what treasures you are going to find for a dollar. In the past, I have found organic spaghetti sauce from Muir Glen, as well as organic frozen strawberries, spices, Christmas treats etc. So, to me, it is a bit like a treasure hunt.

This time, I found some very happy looking rainbow cups. How fun! They instantly put a smile on my face, so I bought 4 of those, since I already had matching plates. Then I went to the local thrift store (can you tell that I love treasure hunts?). I looked around and tried on a few things, but I didn’t really see anything I couldn’t live without. As I was leaving the store, I suddenly noticed a designer jean jacket hanging at the end of a rack. I tried it on, and it fit like a glove!!! I had wanted a short, unusual looking jean jacket for a long time, and this thing was exactly what I had in mind!!! And, I was even more excited to discover that they only wanted $5.00 for it!!! Woohoo! The day was already off to a great start.

I had also noticed an angel number when I got into town, 11:33. Angel numbers are often double or triple numbers that you see on a sign, or your phone or computer, or anywhere else for that matter, and they are messages from your angels. So, when I got to my appointment, I looked up the angel number meaning on google while I was in the waiting room.

The meaning of this number was to turn over all my worries to the angels, and that they were protecting me and making sure everything was going to be ok.

By now, I was really feeling “in the flow.” My counselor was very nice. She asked me if she could be of some kind of service to me, or if there was something in my life that I have a hard time coping with. I instantly remembered my PTSD from an old car accident. This issue has been bothering me for over 20 years, and it would be awesome to get some help getting over it. The counselor said she could help me with that, which made me really happy. When I left her office, I felt very sparkly. What an awesome day!

But the day just kept getting better. At home, I got two calls from my sweet heart, and I finished the day off with raspberries and vanilla ice cream!

Reflecting back on the day, the Universe brought me gifts, the counselor offered me help, the angels gave me a comforting message, my man gave me attention, and there was yummy stuff in my fridge! By the time I went to bed, I felt totally blissed out, and blessed, and when you go to bed in that state, you wake up again the next day in the same space, ready for more miracles…

By choosing to love yourself and be open to what the day has to offer, the whole Universe responds with love, compassion, synchronicities and miracles. You might want to try it. If you do, I can promise you, your life will never be the same again…

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Do You Have Time for Yourself?

Pumpkin Enzyme Mak

Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask

Sometimes, being a mom gets to me. How do you come up with different dinners 365 days out of the year? And play all of the roles that moms have to play? Nurturer, counselor, healer, cleaner, chauffeur, hair dresser, seamstress, judge, teacher, etc, etc…. No wonder women learn to multi-task. Without multi-tasking abilities, things would most likely fall apart.

I have so many friends who are even more super-moms than I will ever be. I still have enough selfishness left that I actually don’t mind nurturing some of my own needs as well. But, I have friends who always put their kid’s needs before their own, and many times, they don’t even get to their own needs at all. There just aren’t enough hours in the day…

As much as I think those super-moms are amazing, I honestly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I can’t even imagine being so dedicated to motherhood that I would feel guilty if I wanted to do something for myself…

I remember when my kids were small. I would divide the day into different parts. First a few hours to work on my business or just be creative, then lunch, then a walk in the park, then make dinner, story time, bath time, bed time, and then more me-time. Everything had its own time throughout the day, and I always carved out a tiny bit of time for myself.

I just had to feel like I could do something creative, even though I was a mom. I wanted to show my kids that it is ok to take care of my own needs too, just like I care for everyone else’s needs…

To me, allowing my creativity to flow is something I do as an expression of joy and self-love. But, if I get overwhelmed and stressed, it affects the flow of creativity, and then I have to use other means to get myself back into the flow again…

Sometimes, when life is too much, I often jump into a nice, warm bath that helps me stress down and relax. Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt like withdrawing from the world because I needed to recharge my batteries. So, I put on my favorite Pumpkin enzyme chocolate mask and hopped into a nice relaxing bath. I lay there in the water with eyes closed, and just felt myself detaching from everything outside my bathroom.

The smell of chocolate always makes me happy, so I kept the mask on for 20-30 minutes before I finally washed it off. My skin felt super smooth and very soft and moisturized after the treatment, and I actually felt ready to face the world again, after just 1/2 hour in hot water!

It is quite amazing how my energy just came right back. I reflected over how easy it was to use skin-care and self pampering as an excuse for self-love. This is exactly why I created this product line! So the next time you feel stressed and life is too much, I highly recommend that you try my prescription for self-love. Put a mask on your face and hop in a warm bath. You won’t be sorry if you do…

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Food that Nurtures Your Skin

Food that nurtures your skin

Food that nurtures your skin

I am not a nutritional expert. I’m not even really interested in nutrition, because I usually let my intuition guide me when it comes to foods. But when it comes to skin care, you can actually make your skin look a lot better if you eat specific foods that nurture your skin from the inside. So, I have made a list of foods for anyone who is interested in bringing health, well-being and skin care together.

Water – of course! Water is the most important thing on your list of foods/drinks that affect the skin. If you hydrate properly, the skin will benefit too. So, drink lots of water, but not too much. You don’t want to flush out too many minerals, because that will make you dehydrated even if you drink plenty. So, use your intuition on this one…

Protein – Protein is important for building collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin is what holds your skin together and makes it elastic, plump and young looking. So, a good source of protein is necessary as a building block.

Walnuts and sardines – these are rich in healthy fatty acids, especially omega 3’s, which are anti-inflammatory and prevent dryness and eczema

Leafy greens and berries – these are full of antioxidants that prevent sun damage from free radicals, and can also repair the skin. I actually add antioxidants to many of my products to assist the skin from the outside as well. The rosewater toner and the cream foundation are good examples of products rich in antioxidants.

Green tea – green tea has many uses. It can turn up your metabolism and help you lose weight, and it contains polyphenols, which make the skin more elastic. And, of course, it also contains antioxidants, so I use green tea in many of my products.

Tomatoes – these contain lycopene, which is one of the main things that can actually reduce cellulite!!! And, it also improves the skin’s natural SPF.

Dark Chocolate – Yes, chocolate is actually good for you! It can hydrate your skin, increase circulation and lessen rough scaly skin.

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
– the skin needs good fatty acids to stay healthy. So, don’t be afraid to add healthy fats to your diet.

Avocado oil – this is the best oil for frying. It can handle up to 500 degrees before it turns toxic, and it has a very mild flavor, so this has become my favorite cooking oil…

So, these are healthy foods with skin benefits. Spring is the perfect time to start eating lighter, such as fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. My philosophy has always been that if you take good care of yourself, you’ll last longer. And if you can keep yourself healthy and happy, you can radiate youthfulness and feel really good about yourself! So enjoy your fresh foods. Your skin will thank you…

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Aspartame is Pure Poison

Drink full of aspartame

Drink full of aspartame

I have written so many blog posts about the dangers of putting toxic chemicals on your skin, but it is even worse if you eat or drink the toxic chemicals. So many people are under the delusion that if something is sold in a super market, it is actually safe to eat or drink, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Today, I read a story about a woman who was basically dying. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with her. She had muscle spasms and was in enormous amounts of pain. She had no energy, and eventually, she ended up in a wheel chair because she could no longer walk by herself. The docs did lots of tests on her, and even though they couldn’t find out what was wrong with her, they suspected MS.

She felt like she was dying, so she put all of her possessions into her daughter’s name and decided to take one last trip before her time was up. This is when a friend of hers asked her if she was drinking diet sodas. Her answer was yes! The friend told her not to drink it and see what happens, and within days, she was able to walk again, and her pain levels were greatly reduced!!!

Aspartame was originally made by Monsanto as a neurotoxin to get rid of ants. But, after they discovered that it had a sweet flavor, they decided to use it as a sugar substitute in the diet industry!

The problem with Aspartame is that it breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid at body temperature. This is probably what caused the golf war syndrome. Diet sodas were sitting in very warm conditions, so by the time they were drinking the sodas, the Aspartame had already broken down into toxic components.

The lack of calories have made Aspartame drinks very popular in the diet industry too, but it actually had the opposite effect on the body. Aspartame tastes sweet enough to fool the body into thinking that you have sugar in the blood, but when the body produces insulin and then tries to put the sugar into the cells for energy, it gets really confused because there is no sugar there. So, it sends a message to the body to eat more carbs. Eventually, your pancreas will wear itself out and you’ll end up with diabetes.

You’ll also find another reason why Aspartame actually makes you put on weight. It is toxic. Anything toxic has to be filtered out of the body through the liver, but when the liver gets overworked, it will simply store the toxins in your fatty tissues for a later time. This is why, if you fast, you’ll experience symptoms of detoxification because the body releases toxins when you fast.

So, PLEASE, put Aspartame on your list of poisons to stay away from!!! Children and diabetics are especially susceptible to the effects of this dangerous poison! It should have a skull and two bones crossed pictured on it, that is how harmful it is. And, you can find it in so many things in the super market. Diet drinks, of course, almost all kinds of chewing gums, anything diet or no-sugar foods, like power bars and jams and jellies. Read the labels!!! You can only blame yourself if you don’t.

Recently, they have even started calling it different names, since the name Aspartame is no longer a popular name on labels. Equal and Nutrasweet are basically Aspartame disguised under a different name. They also recently came up with another terrible sugar substitute called Sucralose. This thing is a cross between normal sugar and chlorine!!! It can basically wipe out your whole gut flora!!!

So, the moral of the story is, STAY AWAY FROM ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS of any kind!!!! They can harm your body more than you can imagine! The truth is, they can actually kill you, in a slow, terrible, painful way…

Please share this article with your friends. We have to educate people before it is too late!

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How to Use Moisturizer

How to use moisturizer

How to use moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is the most important thing you can do for your aging skin. This is because dehydration is the main reason why we develop wrinkles. It is even more important than aging, smoking and sun exposure. This is because the skin can only stay smooth when the skin cells are filled with water.

It is a little bit like what happens when you leave a peach on the kitchen table for too long. All of a sudden, the flesh of the peach gets softer and before you know it, the surface of the peach will develop wrinkles. The same thing happens with your skin if you don’t use a moisturizer. And, no, it isn’t true, that drinking enough water will keep your skin moisturized. Research has shown that adding moisture to the surface of the skin is way more effective when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated.

I also want to debunk another myth that many people suffer from; the idea that oil is moisturizing! I have even heard people from other skin care companies criticize formulas that contain water and telling people that such products is a waste of money. Nothing can be further from the truth!

The cells need two things – water AND oil, but water is what moisture truly is! Not oil! Oil can repair and regenerate the lipid barrier in the skin cells because the cell wall need lipids to keep the water inside the cells from evaporating. But, if your cells have low water levels, oil is not going to make your skin more moisturized! It will simply protect the skin from losing water, but your skin can still be dehydrated under your oily products.

For hydration to happen, you need to add WATER! And the best way to add water is to combine the water with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can hold water in your skin cells just like those little crystals that you can add to your flower pots when you don’t want the soil to dry out too fast. Hyaluronic acid is the best moisturizing ingredient on the market. It can actually increase the water levels in your skin cells, and plump your dry cells right back up again. As a result, it will make small lines and wrinkles go away or at least become less visible.

You can make your moisturizer work even better if you combine it with face oil or a heavier cream or balm. As a rule, the thinnest product goes on first, so you put the serum on first. Then you add oil, so the lipid barrier that stops the water from evaporating, can be nurtured and repaired. If your skin still feels dry, you can add a cream instead of the oil, or even a face balm, such as the mature skin cream. Your foundation goes on top of everything else, so you can ensure a more even application.

Basically, the more mature your skin is, the more layers you need. A younger person may be totally fine with just a layer of cream foundation or tinted moisturizer, while I know from my own experience that my skin always does better if I use a moisturizer serum first, followed by a few drops of face oil, and then add the foundation as a last layer.

I even made a little movie yesterday about how to use the hyaluronic acid moisturizer serum, and I’ll keep making movies about how to use the rest of the products too. So stay tuned. Here it is:

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Techno Problems

I had the most awful week last week. It all started when I decided to put a new plugin on my website to make the pages load faster. They did load faster, but unfortunately, the plugin broke all the menus on my website so you couldn’t open any pages.

So, I deleted the plugin, and the menus were still broken. I called tech support and they tried to restore the site, but no luck. After 2 hours, the menus were still broken. Then I tried to upload the theme again, and this time, the whole site collapsed, and all I was left with was a white page with an error message.

I totally panicked and called Tech Support at Hostmonster, and their server was down, so they couldn’t even help me.

I reluctantly went to bed at midnight, and got up at 4:30 the next morning to try to get my website back on the air. I had to call Tech Support 5 times that day, because every time they thought they had fixed the site, it collapsed and disappeared again! After working on it for 13 hours straight, I finally got everything back up and running again. (totally fried!!!)

In the mean time, I was seriously worried about customers trying to go to my website only to find that it had disappeared, or that you couldn’t actually open any of the pages. So, I’m writing this post just to let you know that if you ever go to my site and find that it is a total mess, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP.

I also want you to not give up on my site if something like that happens again. I’ll be working on it 24/7 until I get everything back to normal. So, just try again later, or even the next day, and hopefully, everything will be fixed by then.

So, thank you to all the people who ordered today, after my website had recovered from the collapse. You showed me that my website is back to working order, and it gave me a nice confidence boost to see that you didn’t give up on ordering from my site. And, I wanted to let anyone else, who visited my messed up site in the last few days, know that everything is working now, so it is actually possible to order products again!

Big sigh of relief!!! Glad that’s over…

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Live From the Heart

Natural Skincare business with heart

Live from the heart

Ever since my divorce last year, I have been mulling over what it means to actually live from the heart. I figured that the only way I can create a new life for myself, is by figuring out what didn’t work with my life up to now. If I can’t figure that out, then I’ll just keep making the same mistakes again and again. But, if I can learn from the mistakes I have already made, then they weren’t really mistakes at all, just steps on my path.

I think the most puzzling of all was when I realized that my marriage of so many years had become a relationship where no relating was required!!! I guess that is what happens when you get so comfortable within the structure of marriage that you no longer have to make an effort. You are basically just stuck with each other, and sadly, you have traded your love in for security and comfort.

Being a romantic by nature, that is the kiss of death for me, because I love being in love and sharing my love and feeling that flow of love that fills my heart from within, and needing to express that love… This is where my passion, inspiration and creativity comes from, and trading it in for security is simply sad!

As I was wondering why people choose security over love, I realized that living from the heart takes more courage than most people have. The heart is wild and free and works in mysterious ways. It can’t be controlled with promises into the future, or with legal contracts. Love will create its own bond between people, but the question is, how much do you trust that your love is strong enough to keep you together if you don’t have a legal contract backing you up?

Many people will argue that you should be able to have both, and that marriage doesn’t kill the love. And, I agree, love should be able to survive a legal contract, but from my experience, the security of the contract is often enough that people feel like they don’t have to try so hard any more. They don’t have to care as much, or put as much effort in, because they have already caught you, so now they can focus on other things rather than keeping the love alive.

The thing that makes love so beautiful is the flow that naturally radiates from your heart. It flows very much like a river flowing down the mountain. If you were able to put the river in a box, could it still be called a river? No, because it is not rivering any more when it is inside the box. It is the flow that makes it a river, and it is the same with love. The lack of flow inside a legal structure can simply make it stale.

The first step in discovering what love truly is, is to discover self-love. Self-love is unconditional acceptance of self, loving thoughts about self and loving actions towards self. Once the love flows within your own heart, the flow will become big enough that you can share that love with others as well. But the biggest difference between real love and imitation love, is that real love happens from a place of sharing, and imitation love is all about getting…

One of the things Spirit has told me many times was: “Don’t try to get love from someone who doesn’t have it to share.” That was another huge lesson for me to realize. It is so easy to resent someone for not loving you, but when you realize that they aren’t feeling a flow of love inside themselves at that moment, then you can easily understand why they can’t share it with you either.

So, after mulling over this issue for quite a while, I realized that if you want to live from the heart, you first have to start listening to your inner guidance and accepting how you feel, and then you have to have the courage to do what your guidance is telling you, and also have faith that what is happening is exactly what you need for your experience at this moment in time.

Easier said than done, I know, but you can always start by practicing self love. And, remember, skin pampering with luxurious natural skincare products is a super easy excuse to love yourself more, since it is something you have to do every day if you really care about your skin. I hope I have given you a few bits and pieces to mull over, and hopefully, you’ll do something that makes you really happy today! Remember, happiness is your nature!

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