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Alcohol Free Toners can Tighten and Refresh Your Skin!

Alcohol Free Toners

Alcohol Free Toners

It is often difficult to find alcohol free toners in other product lines, which is something I really don't understand. Why anyone would want to put skin drying alcohol into a face toner formula is a bit of a mystery to me. I definitely prefer the toners to be alcohol free.

Alcohol free toners have no drying effect, but still do the job! The most important quality of a face toner is to tighten and refresh, and no alcohol is needed for that! (I was actually able to find skin tightening witch hazel that was alcohol free!)

To use the alcohol free toner, all you have to do is spritz your face whenever it feels a bit dry. The apple cider toner has a very clean feel to it, while the rosewater toner smells so good actually makes me happy every time I use it!

Alcohol free toners have many benefits. Alcohol free witch hazel tightens the skin, apple cider toner regulates pH, marshmallow root and plantago calms, licorice root prevents age spots, rosewater smells amazing, and antioxidants prevent sun damage.

To me, toners represent the ultimate in luxurious skin pampering because it adds a layer of extra moisture to the skin before you moisturize. But, are toners really necessary? That is the wrong question to ask. The real question is, do you want to treat yourself? If your answer is yes, your skin will be very happy...

Size: 4oz
Price: $24.95

Alcohol Free Apple Cider Face Toner from Green Beauty Cosmetics

Apple Cider Face Toner

Alcohol Free Rosewater Toner from Green Beauty Cosmetics

Rosewater Face Toner

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