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Enjoy Pampering Yourself with Subtly Scented Body Care Products

Lavish Body Care Products from Green Beauty

Lavish Body Care Products

Lavish body care has never been easier! The Vanilla Lotion is the perfect after shower lotion. It spreads easily and keeps your skin soft and moisturized. The Lavender lotion is a thick and rich cream, perfect for hands, elbows, knees and back of the heels. The coconut massage oil is great for massaging sensitive skin.

These luxurious body lotions make your skin smell awesome and feel like silk! If you love self pampering, samples are available!

Sizes: 1oz - 4oz
Prices: $14.95 - 26.95

Vanilla Body Lotion from Green Beauty

Vanilla Body Lotion

Lavender Body Lotion by Green Beauty

Lavender Body Lotion

Coconut Massage Oil from Green Beauty

Coconut Massage Oil for Sensitive Skin

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