7 Tools for Self Love

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7 tools for self love

Dreams are wishes with wings! Only you can make them fly…

We can all use tools for self love. For many people, self love is the last thing on their priority list. Maybe it is not even on the list at all! This can be because people are busy surviving and taking care of their families, or it can be because self love is considered, in most cultures, to be an act of selfishness that is frowned upon by society.

Love has nothing to do with selfishness

Love is nourishment for the soul. If you can’t make your soul happy, your body dies, because the soul is more important than the body. By that I mean, you have to feed the soul first, and then the body will flourish as a result.

Once, I saw a video about a lady who had terminal cancer. She was sick enough that she actually passed over for a few moments. As soon as she passed over, she instantly knew that she was sick because she didn’t love herself enough. So she chose to come back and heal herself from her death bed by giving herself as much self love as she could.

Within months, her cancer was in remission, and now she is sharing her story with the world. This is how important love is. The only problem is, you can’t expect it to come from others. Sometimes it does, and it feels absolutely amazing, but ultimately, we are all responsible for giving love to ourselves first. Once we are full of love, we can easily share it with others, but until then, we need to fill ourselves up with love from our own inner source. And, for that to happen, we can sometimes find self love tools useful.

Diagnose Your Self Love Needs

Self love tools are only useful when you know where you are at and what you need help with. There are basically 5 areas of your life that needs self love.

Taking care of myself
Loving my body
Accepting myself
Allowing love into my life
Living my dreams

So, before you move on, give yourself a rating from 1-5, where 5 is a big YES and 1 is a big NO.
Which one of these areas did you rate at less than 5? These are the areas that need your love the most. Does it have to do with taking care of yourself (diet, food, exercise, fun, connecting with others), does it have to do with loving your body and treating it as a temple, or does it have to do with self acceptance issues? If so, the video meditation below can be incredibly helpful.

Meditation to Transform Pain and Sadness Into Joy

This is a modern version of an old Buddhist meditation that teaches you how to transform all your pain into love that you can share with the world. The meditation only takes a few minutes out of your life, but the effect is quite profound. Click here to learn more.

Living From the Heart

If you have a problem allowing love into your life, my new book might be just what you need. It is all about living from the heart, and having the courage to take emotional risks. Click here to learn more.

Living Your Dreams

If you are not living your dreams, then that is where you need to put your energy, so you can feel more satisfied about how you relate to the world and express your uniqueness. To help you stay encouraged to walk your path, perhaps my new oracle deck is exactly what you need. This deck is full of channeled quotes that reminds you to walk your path no matter what, and the deck is easy to use, even if you don’t have any experience with oracle decks. Click here to learn more.

3 Types of Oracle Love Readings

The issue of self love is something I have been learning about for a very long time, and now it has become the most important thing in my life. Once your heart is overflowing and you want to share your love with others, loving relationships is the next thing. But relationships are not always easy. Once in a while, you may need some guidance about what is going on. So I offer 3 different types of oracle readings. There is a “Mood of the day” reading for daily guidance about an issue you are struggling with, as well as two types of love tarot readings. Click here to learn more.

Daily Self Love Practice

To top it all off, there is a simple self love practice you can do every day that really makes a difference when it comes to keeping that love frequency alive and well.

First of all, go to sleep in love. It doesn’t matter how you get yourself into that loving space. You might think about something that fills you with love, or think about something you can appreciate, or simply appreciate yourself. But make sure you fall asleep while in a loving state. This is because how you fall asleep is how you wake up.

Next, wake up in love. When the alarm goes off, take a few moments to connect with your heart (or your lover) so you feel that you are in a loving space before you get up.

And third, ask yourself every day: How can I love myself today? And then watch the magic unfold…

Ultimate Skin Pampering Experience

And, don’t forget about pampering your skin. Self pampering is one of the very best excuses for self love, especially if it smells like chocolate!!! My newest product, the Pumpkin Enzyme Chocolate Honey Mask will give you that feeling of intense self pampering, especially if you hop in a hot bath with a glass of wine or your favorite book and some soft background music… Click here to learn more.

This should give you a nice variety of self love tools to choose from! And, if you have friends who could use a bit of self love as well, please share this page with people you know.