What to do when feeling too pale

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What to do when feeling too pale

What to do about pale skin

Feeling too pale? I know what you mean. For some very strange reason, mid winter always makes me feel extra pale. Maybe it is the harsh lighting, or the angle of the sun. I don’t really know. But when I look in the mirror and feel totally washed out, I know I have to do something to perk up my skin color. The question is, what….

I know that feeling too pale is a common problem, and I have seen what others do to perk themselves up. The very worst solution that you should never ever stoop to, is to apply a darker foundation when feeling too pale!!! Trust me, no matter how cleverly you apply it, it will always look fake, especially in day light, and especially if you didn’t do your neck as well!

I know a lady who does this every winter. She uses a foundation that is at least 2 shades darker than her natural skin color. The result is that her face constantly looks dirty with caked on makeup. I don’t blame her one bit, because I’m not crazy about my own paleness, so I understand where she is coming from, but using a darker foundation is NOT the solution!!!

The other thing I have seen people do when feeling too pale, is to use a brighter lip stick. This doesn’t work either. It just looks harsh against pale skin, unless the color is really perfect for you.

So, here are some better solutions:

The skin
Pale skin isn’t really the problem. Pale is ok, especially if you even out your skin tone with a bit of cream foundation. But you have to use the correct color of foundation. The foundation should match your skin enough that it disappears when you rub it in. Don’t go darker…

The eyebrows

One reason why we feel too pale, is because there is not enough contrast or color on the face. By darkening the eye brows a little bit with the perfect color of eye brow powder, you instantly look more fresh and alive. So, don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows lightly.

The cheeks
The cheeks need cream blush, especially if you feel too pale. A tiny bit of cream blush makes your eyes pop and instantly brings life to your face! For a little extra glow, you can even use my pink lip tint as a highlighter for your cheeks. Just rub a little bit high on the cheek bones for subtle glow, and then add a touch of cream blush to the apples of the cheeks! And voila! No more pale looking face!

The eyes
If you don’t like strong eye makeup, try this little trick: Use an eye liner pen to line the upper lashes from the underside! It is easier than you might think. If you put your head back and open your eyes wide, you can easily get in there with your eye liner pen. This makes your eye lashes look lush, even before you add mascara. You can add a bit of eye shadow if you wish, and put a dab of highlighter in the inner corner. Then pile on the mascara. Nice…

The lips
For a pretty day time look, pick a lip tint or lip stick that is close to your natural lip color. To add a touch of glam, you can even dab one drop of clear lip gloss on your lower lip and press your lips together.

Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see!!! You can be just as pale as you were, and still look absolutely radiant! So, go for it. Make yourself look amazing, and let your makeup be part of your individual expression of who you are and how you feel! Have fun, and feel free to send me before and after pictures if you wish…

And definitely remember to share this post with any of your pale faced friends, lol…

Picture courtesy of nenetus @ freedigitalphotos.net

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Winter Skin Care Tips

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Mature Skin Cream for extra dry skin

Mature Skin Cream for extra dry skin

Happy new year everyone! The new year always means new beginnings to me. I have been working like a mad maniac ever since 2018 started. Updating my website, creating different looking new labels and new pictures coming soon!!!

Yes, I have to admit, sometimes I’m too creative for my own good, but it is sooo much fun! My product line is a work in progress, just like my life is! But the formulas will stay the same, even though the outside will change a bit. So, you’ll soon start seeing the changes I have been working on…

Sorry, I got a bit off track, there. Too much excitement, I guess. I just had to give you a short update about what’s coming. Anyway, here we go, back to my winter skin care tips…

Winter skin care

When I was about to start my business in 2009, I met a woman who was helping me understand more about mature skin. She told me: “You have to have a product that looks like shoe polish!” “What in the world would I need that for?” I asked. Then she explained to me what happens with mature skin after menopause.

As we get older and the hormones change, we produce less and less oil in the skin. The skin needs oil to protect itself, and when the body doesn’t produce enough, the lipid barrier can get damaged. The lipid barrier is a layer of fat in the cell membranes that stops water from evaporating from the skin.

When the lipid barrier is damaged, the skin can no longer protect itself from drying out. The result is dryness and wrinkles. If you are like me, you feel the dryness even more so in the winter…

The skin becomes chapped when it is cold outside. Cold weather will actually freeze dry your skin! But, inside is not that much better either, especially if you have heaters that keep blowing hot air on your face. This is how a dehydrator works! So you can easily imagine what that does to your skin.

And, this is where a cream or balm with the consistency of shoe polish is going to be very helpful. I’m talking about the Mature Skin Cream of course. It is definitely more of a balm than a cream, and it actually does remind me a bit of shoe polish, only it smells a lot better!

How can the mature skin cream benefit you?

The mature skin cream can protect the skin from drying out, it can help repair the lipid barrier, and it can protect the skin from freeze drying in really cold weather.

These are my best skin care tips for using mature skin cream for your dry winter skin:

  • Use it when you have to spend time outside in the cold.
  • Use it when you go skiing, or when you have to walk your dog
  • Use it as a makeup primer under your makeup to prevent your foundation from caking up
  • Use it as a night cream on top of your moisturizer
  • You can even use it on your lips or hands to prevent chapping

Taking care of your skin in the winter takes a little bit extra effort, but the results are well worth the effort you put in. No more rosacea or dry, itchy, chapped skin! And remember, skin care is always a good excuse for self love. If you feel inspired to try it, I’ve made it easy for you to order. Samples and a 1/2oz trial size is also available.

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Shipping issues have been fixed

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A few days ago, a lady was trying to order samples, and the shopping cart charged her over $11.00 for shipping! She emailed me to let me know that something wasn’t working right, and sure enough, when I tried to order to her address, it didn’t even give me the option of first class mail!

So, I spent the morning brain storming with tech support until we figured out what the problem was.

The good news is, it is working now! So, if you have been wanting to buy samples and didn’t because the shipping was too high, the problem has been resolved!!!

So sorry about the hassle!

I just want you to know that if you ever try to order something, and there is a problem of any kind, please let me know so I can find a solution. I’m so grateful to the lady that let me know that there were issues!

Thank you for caring enough to email me!

Hope everything will be smooth sailing from now on…

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Custom gift set

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Custom Gift Set by Green Beauty Cosmetics

Custom Gift Set by Green Beauty Cosmetics

I love choosing what I buy, because I want what I want. So, I made this custom gift set for others that also like to choose. In this gift set, you get to choose what color of blush, lip tint or lip gloss you want, as well as what color of moisturizer or foundation you want. This way, you can make the perfect gift for someone special, or you can be the special one and buy it for yourself…

I love the tiny little bottles. They are just adorable! And, perfect for travel as well.

You can choose between organza bag, or hand printed muslin bag, so this gift set is ideal if you like to make your own choices. And, if you are super excited right now, I’ll make it easy for you to order…

Do you know someone who could love to try some green beauty products? If so, please spread the word!

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Makeup Gift Set

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Makeup Gift Set, Light Shade

Makeup Gift Set, Light Shade

And, the good stuff just keeps coming! Luckily, I am the kind of super creative person who never have a lack of ideas. I don’t want to say good ideas, necessarily. Because some ideas are really dumb. But they always lead to greater ideas, so even the dumb ideas have a purpose. And this time, the purpose lead to two different makeup gift sets!

These are perfect as gifts for anyone who wants to create a magic glow for the holidays, and make your skin look its best as well. I made them in two different shades – light shade for the delicately pale ones, and medium shade for the sun-worshippingly tan ones. (OMG, I just made up a word…)

So, here is what you get in the light set:

  • Cream foundation in light shade
  • Tinted moisturizer in light shade
  • Cream blush in Nude
  • Lip tint in Rose
  • Lip gloss in clear
  • Mascara remover

TIP: try adding cream foundation for coverage, and then a bit of tinted moisturizer on the cheeks for extra glow! Then blush, lip tint, and a dab of gloss on your bottom lip. And, voila! Ready for anything…

Makeup Gift Set, Medium Shade

Makeup Gift Set, Medium Shade

And, here is what you get in the medium set:

  • Cream foundation in medium shade
  • Tinted moisturizer in medium shade
  • Cream blush in Cherry
  • Lip tint in Plum
  • Lip gloss in Rose
  • Mascara remover

If you were to buy each product separately, the value would be $73.70. So, by buying a whole set, you get a special deal, plus a hand printed muslin bag that is really cute and very gift-like, and a discount coupon of course. If you want to order a set in time for the holidays, I’ll make it easy for you to order right here…

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Dry Skin Gift Set

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Dry Skin Relief Gift Set

Dry Skin Relief Gift Set

Here is a gift set for the holidays that is especially good for dry and extra dry skin.

Dry skin is lacking both water and oil. The hyaluronic acid serum can fill the skin cells back up with water. This can reduce some of the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. So, the hyaluronic acid serum is one product everyone needs, regardless of age or skin type.

Dry skin also needs oil. The drier the skin, the oilier the cream! Often times you will find companies that promote thick, heavy creams for dry skin, but they don’t actually moisturize the skin as well as you would wish. This is because they stay on the surface where they seal in moisture and repair and protect the skin. But if the skin doesn’t have enough moisture in the skin cells to begin with, you’ll just end up with dry skin under the cream!

This is where layering is valuable. First add the water, then seal in the moisture with a thick, protective cream.

So, in this gift set, you get a 1/2oz glass bottle of hyaluronic acid serum that should be applied first.

You also get a 1/2oz glass bottle of face oil blend to seal in the moisture with. If you have normal skin, the face oil works great. If your skin still feels a bit dry, try the Chamomile Face Cream instead.

You get a 1oz plastic container with thick, rich, chamomile cream. A little bit goes a very long way. You only need a pea sized amount for both cheeks. This cream will keep your skin lusciously soft throughout the day, without any oiliness.

If your skin is still a bit dry, try the mature skin cream instead. This is the richest of all the creams. You get a 1/2oz container of mature skin cream, and again, a little bit goes a long way.

The mature skin cream is more like a balm. It leaves an oily feel on the skin, so you can either enjoy the glow, or just use it as a night cream, on top of the hyaluronic acid serum. If you have dry skin, you won’t believe the difference these creams will make…

I’m offering this set too for just under $50.00, and these bottles are also perfect for travel. The set comes in a cute hand printed muslin bag and a discount coupon for future purchases will be added to the bag.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in these sets, please share this post with them! I have made it easy for you to order:

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Antiaging Gift Set

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Antiaging Face Essentials Gift Set

Antiaging Face Essentials Gift Set

This is the first year I have managed to create a gift set before the holidays!!! I’m so proud of myself! These gift sets are so cute! There are many different options, and they are perfect as gifts, both for yourself and others, or for travel if you need to go somewhere.

In the antiaging gift set, you get a 1oz plastic container of the soap free cleansing cream. Perfect for anyone with dry skin! You also get a sample of the peptide cream, specially made to tighten, tone and stimulate the under eye area.

Next, you get a 1/2oz baby sized glass bottle of the hyaluronic acid serum, the number one product that nobody should be without! This serum keeps up the water levels in your skin cells.

And, there is also a 1/2oz glass bottle of the rejuvenating face oil blend, so you can seal in the moisture and keep your skin super soft.

The gift sets are an awesome way to introduce a friend or family member to the experience of green beauty products without spending a fortune.

The gift sets come in beautiful little hand printed muslin bags that are absolutely adorable, and they will also be shipped out with a discount coupon in the bag!

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What Makes Green Beauty Different

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Green Beauty Products

Green Beauty Products

Toxic Skin Care, Anyone?

People are starting to become aware of how harmful, toxic and hormone altering chemicals are to the body. They can make your liver more toxic, which causes weight gain and disease, they can create hormone imbalance, and even cause cancer. This is because everything you put on your skin, can potentially enter your blood stream and affect your inner organs.

But knowing that you have to find a greener company doesn’t make it easy to find a good one. Many companies claim to be green and natural, but when you read the labels, you find all kinds of artificial and toxic things hiding there.

Did you know that a company can call their product organic, and still put parabens and other nasties into it? When I discovered this, I decided it would be better to make my own line of products without those kinds of chemicals in the formulas because I wanted to create a line of products people could trust…

Green Beauty Ingredients

So, I searched for the best natural ingredients I could find. Some of my favorite ingredients are:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Bio-fermented sea kelp
  • Abyssinian oil
  • Peptides

These are ingredients that you normally only find in high end toxic brands. In Green Beauty Cosmetics, you can get the same benefits without the toxic addition!

These 4 ingredients alone can increase the water levels in your skin, tighten and tone, flood your skin with nourishing minerals and vitamins, stimulate the collagen production and repair and regenerate the lipid barrier. But, even with all those great ingredients, I knew that the products could work even better if you layer them.

So, the concept of layering the products became my unique Green Beauty signature!

What is the Point of Layering Products?

Let me explain it with an example first. In the winter time, you wear layers. Most likely, you wear underwear to protect your delicate parts. Then pants to stay warm, a long sleeved shirt that covers your skin, perhaps a wolly jacket to help you stay warm, and if you go out, a thick coat on top, and perhaps a scarf or a hat to keep your neck and head warm.

Each one of these pieces of clothing has its own purpose in the process of keeping you warm and comfortable. It is the same with skin care products. Again, each product has a specific purpose. Some penetrate the skin deeply, while others stay on the surface. Some moisturize, while others protect from cold, wind, rain and sun, etc.

Knowing what the products do, will help you understand how to layer them to get the best possible benefit. As good as each product is on its own, they work even better together. This is the same principle that you’ll find in the super popular Korean skin care brands.

Check out my Green Beauty Quiz to learn more…

How to Layer the Products

Step 1 – Cleansing and exfoliation
Here I recommend using an exfoliating mask/scrub or soap free cleanser to clean the skin. A clean canvas always gives the best result.

Step 2 – Tone and refresh
I love using a spritz of toner after I clean the skin. It gives a refreshing feeling as it tightens the skin and adds extra moisture.

Green Beauty offers 2 toners, a calming apple cider toner that regulates the pH and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and a rosewater toner that uplifts your spirit and adds 5 different antioxidants to your skin.

Antioxidants are known for their ability to keep the skin looking younger by preventing and repairing free radical damage from too much sun exposure. So, never underestimate the purpose of a good, alcohol free toner!

Step 3 – Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
This is the most important step, regardless of what your age is. All skin needs moisture, and hyaluronic acid is the best way to add moisture to the skin cells. This product is a must for everyone because it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and plumps up the skin cells. As a result, it reduces lines and wrinkles.

The peptide moisturizer is a specialty product for the under eye area. It is full of ingredients that tighten the skin and stimulate the collagen production. I recommend using the peptide cream if you have mature skin or dryness around the eyes. Younger people don’t really need this product.

Step 4 – Seal and protect
The older we get, the more damage happens to the lipid barrier that holds in moisture. Lipid is another name for fat. As we get older and produce less oil, we need to add oily products so the skin can repair itself and maintain more moisture.

Many people seem to think that oil is a moisturizer, but that is not correct. The skin needs moisture, which is basically water! Oil is also needed, but for a different purpose!

Oily products are important because they seal in moisture and protect the skin from evaporation. They also provide oils that the skin is missing so it can repair and regenerate itself. Therefore, oily products, such as Face Oil, Chamomile Face Cream or Mature Skin Cream should ideally be layered on top of water based moisturizers!

Which one you choose is up to you. The drier the skin, the heavier the cream…

Step 5 – Apply makeup
Makeup, such as tinted moisturizer and cream foundation, will look better on the skin if you moisturize and protect the skin first. Because each product has a specific purpose, they always work better together, especially if you layer them correctly.

Individual Skin Needs

The secret to keeping your skin looking its best at any age, is to layer the products in a way that works for your individual skin type. This is the reason why Green Beauty is not offering different products lines for different skin types. If you layer the products correctly, there is no need for different product lines.

If you want to learn more about what products will work best for your skin, you might want to try my super simple Green Beauty Quiz. All you have to do is just answer one question to get a list of products that will benefit your specific skin type.

I would love to hear about your experience with layering products, so please leave your comments below.

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10 Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

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10 Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

10 Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Are you concerned about the use of toxic chemicals in cosmetics? Most of us are. Health conscious women are often seen reading the labels on skin care products before they buy. But, reading the labels doesn’t mean that you understand what you are reading. It can be very confusing to navigate the seas of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and skin care. So, in this blog post, I’ll try to clarify what those undesirable ingredients are. That way, you can recognize what to stay away from.

These preservatives can prevent growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in cosmetics products. You’ll find parabens in almost every product out there, especially if you buy a water based cream in a jar. The jars look so cute, but if you stick your fingers in the jar every day, it will get contaminated in a very short time, unless you use parabens as the preservative.
Parabens have estrogen mimicking properties that can increase your risk of breast cancer. Is it worth the risk, just to be able to buy your cream in a jar, instead of finger free packaging? I don’t think so, so watch out for parabens!

Synthetic Colors
If you see FD&C, you are talking synthetic colors. F stands for food, D&C stands for drugs and colors. These colors are made from petroleum and coal, and linked to cancer, skin irritations and ADHD in children.

Fragrance is often a mix of up to hundreds of chemicals that don’t even have to be listed on the label because it is considered a “trade secret.” Fragrance is associated with allergy, dermatitis and respiratory symptoms, so it is better to stick with essential oils for fragrance.

A chemical that is put into plastics to create softness and flexibility in the plastics. You’ll find this in nail polish, some lotions, hair spray and perfume. These chemicals are known to change your hormones and increase risk of breast cancer.

This is an antimicrobial chemical that disrupts your hormones, irritates your skin and makes bacteria antibiotic resistant. You can find this nasty stuff in hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial soaps and even in toothpaste. Yikes!!!

Lauryl sulfate and laureth sulfate (SLS)
You’ll find these in 90% of personal care and cleaning products, especially shampoos. These are skin, lung and eye irritants, they can damage your kidneys and cause cancer. So, buy natural, sulfate free shampoos instead. Some shampoos are listed as sulfate free, but if you read the labels, you’ll see that they lie about that…

Formaldehyde releasers
These are preservatives that create formaldehyde over time. They are carcinogens that can cause allergic reactions and harm the immune system. One such chemical is hiding under the innocent letters DMDM. Be aware next time you look to buy shampoos and body washes…

This petroleum product is found in nail polish and hair bleaching products. It can cause damage in the fetus, as well as immune system toxicity.

Propylene Glycol
This chemical is similar to antifreeze. It is a skin irritant and can cause dermatitis and hives. You can find this in moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos and conditioners.

Sunscreen chemicals
These break down into unknown compounds in sunlight!!!! This is why you keep having to re-apply your sunscreen every few hours. And, unfortunately, some of these chemicals are carcinogens that can also change your hormone balance. So, stick with zinc and titanium based sunscreens.

Luckily, Green Beauty doesn’t use any of these chemicals in the products you can buy on this website. These products are made for women who are not willing to compromise their health just to have beautiful skin!!!

Soon, Green Beauty will offer handy travel or intro sizes in cute little baby sized bottles, perfect for gifts, or for trying a product when you want something bigger than a sample.

If you found this post helpful, please share with your friends on social media…

Picture courtesy of suphakit73 @ freedigitalphotos.net

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How to Lose Cellulite

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How to lose cellulite

How to lose cellulite

Wondering how to lose cellulite? I think most women would love to find an answer to that! Cellulite is that jiggly, bumpy stuff you find on your butt, hips, thighs and belly.

Even skinny people can have cellulite, so dieting is not necessarily going to lose cellulite by starving yourself. It is actually more complicated than that. To lose cellulite, you may need to flush your lymph system by drinking more water upping your potassium intake. You may have to cut down on stress so your adrenals produce less cortisol (stress hormones that puts fat on your belly). You may have to sleep more, walk more, or exercise more.

To get more details on how to lose cellulite, I have found an interesting video you can watch to learn more. The doctor in this video is a chiropractic doctor with a passion for nutrition, so he has an interesting perspective that I think you might find helpful.

And if you want to shape up your butt and hips a bit, here is a quick video to show you some exercises that can help you lose cellulite in this area. Check it out:

If you find this post helpful, please share it with your friends on social media!
Picture courtesy of truengtra_pae @ freedigitalphotos.net

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