Natural Moisturizers

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Natural Moisturizers By Green Beauty

Natural Moisturizers by Green Beauty

Use Natural Moisturizers for Smooth, Youthful Looking Skin!

The visible signs of aging are caused by four things: chronological age, smoking, sun damage and dehydration. As we get older, the lipid barrier that holds onto water in the skin cells often gets damaged. This causes water to evaporate, and the skin to dry up and show wrinkles. So, how do we reverse this? We have to moisturize to replenish dryness and plump the skin cells back up because the skin will only look smooth if it contains enough moisture!

Peptide Cream Can Reduce the Signs of Aging

The peptide cream is the Rolls Royce of my skincare line. Made with exotic Abyssinian Oil, bio-fermented sea kelp, lots of antiaging herbal tinctures and two different peptides, this is the perfect cream for reducing the signs of aging around your eyes mouth. It is even safe to use for people with sensitive eyes!

Hyaluronic Acid Has the Ability to Keep the Moisture in!

A good moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid can penetrate deep into the skin and supply the skin cells with water. But, even if you manage to increase the water levels, what is going to stop the water from evaporating, if the lipid barrier that protects the skin has been damaged? Good question! And, luckily, I do have a simple solution.

Repair the Skin by Adding a Layer of Healthy Fats and Oils!

Fats and oils will help your skin repair itself and stop the evaporation of water. The natural face oil is perfect as a very light regenerating layer on top of the hyaluronic moisturizer or peptide serum. If your skin is very dry or damaged, and you feel like your skin needs a thicker, more protective barrier, you can use a protective face cream instead. Either way, you just need to remember that you can highly increase the effect of the moisturizing serums by adding a protective barrier cream or oil on top. Layering the products is the key to beautiful, younger looking skin!

Sizes: 1/2oz - 2oz
Prices: $14.95 - $69.95

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Antiaging Peptide Cream

Antiaging Peptide Cream

Rejuvenating face oil

Rejuvenating face oil

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