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Green Beauty Products

Green Beauty Products

Green Beauty Cosmetics Was a Dream Inspired by Menopause

I hit menopause when I was 50. It was not something I was excited about. To tell you the truth, I was dreading it, and actually feeling pretty panicky about the whole thing!

Seeing how my skin was changing, I developed a deep desire to create a line of green beauty products that could slow down the physical signs of aging and bring back the radiance that was disappearing.

The Oracle of Google gave me all the answers I needed to be able to pull off my dream. I had no idea what an enormous task it was going to be to develop all of these products from scratch, but sometimes, it is better not to know and just jump in, and that's what I did...

Antiaging Ingredients and Ageless Beauty

My goal was to create a line of green beauty products that could keep my skin smooth, plump, healthy and radiant, using only natural ingredients such as:

  1. Vegan hyaluronic acid, to increase water levels in the skin cells,
  2. Exotic Abyssinian oil containing exceptionally high levels of unsaturated fatty acids to smooth your lines and wrinkles, and
  3. Bio-fermented sea kelp, that tightens the skin and nourishes with highly bio-available nutrients.

Every ingredient was chosen for the its ability to make the skin look radiant and youthful. Radiant youthfulness is a combination of inner and outer beauty. Inner beauty happens when you are young at heart and not afraid to let your inner light shine through! Combine this inner beauty with high quality green beauty products, and you have the perfect recipe for what I call "ageless beauty."

You Can be Beautiful at Any Age

We live in a culture where youth is worshiped, but the truth is, maturity has its own beauty.

You'll find that when inner and outer beauty merge, your inner vibrancy can totally overshadow your physical signs of aging and make them seem almost insignificant.

This idea is reflected in the labels in the form of timeless elegance with a surprising pop of color. The unexpected pop of color represents the beauty of your inner being shining through. When you merge your inner beauty with healthy looking, well moisturized skin, what you get is ageless beauty...

A Totally New Approach to Skin Care

Instead of creating a separate skin care line for each skin type, I created products that can be layered based on your individual skin needs.

Layering the products protects the skin from harsh elements, while allowing the moisturizing ingredients in the products to deeply hydrate, soften, heal, repair, nurture, tighten and tone the skin.

The scents are subtle and uplifting to the spirit, and the products make a visible difference in skin tone and texture when used regularly. The aim is to restore a healthy, youthful glow to your skin without the use of toxic chemicals.

About the Green Beauty Formulas:

  1. Many contain a longer list of beneficial ingredients in each formula than in most other brands, always using the BEST QUALITY ingredients, organic whenever possible.
  2. Every ingredient has been researched for skin benefits and safety before using them in the formulas.
  3. The products are pH balanced for maximum skin health.
  4. The products are preserved with a corn derived natural preservative called Geogard Ultra to increase the shelf life. This preservative is ECOCERT CERTIFIED, which means it is a recommended and approved as a safe preservative for natural and organic skin care products in any country, including Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia.
  5. The products are packaged in glass or recyclable plastic containers, and the tissue paper that each bottle is wrapped in, is made from 100% recycled paper.

Green Beauty Pledge

Green Beauty Cosmetics has signed the "Compact for Safe Cosmetics" and is now one of their champion companies. This means that you can expect products that are totally free of harmful or toxic chemicals, such as:

  1. GMOs (genetically modified substances)
  2. Parabens
  3. Petro Chemicals
  4. Phthalates
  5. Sulfates
  6. Synthetic Dyes
  7. Synthetic Fragrances
  8. Triclosan

More Benefits

Because I love furry friends, I would never even dream of testing my line of natural cosmetics on innocent animals! (Green Beauty Cosmetics is a member of PETA).

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