How to Apply Mascara?

Mega Plush

You may think this is just going to be a really dum post because everyone already knows how to apply mascara! Really? Don’t you just dip the brush, wiggle it from root to tips of the lashes, wait, apply more, wait, apply more again, and then separate the lashes with a scary eye lash comb with metal teeth? NOT!

I have watched so many posts on youtube about how to apply eye makeup and NOT ONE person out there, including famous makeup artists, are applying mascara correctly. How can I be so sure about this? For one simple reason – I have actually read the instructions on the back of the tube! It says there that mascara should be applied from the root of the lashes to the tips, building it up to desired amounts and NOT letting it dry between layers! So, there!!!

I decided to do a test on myself just to compare the two methods. On one eye I did it the traditional way – layer/wait/layer/wait etc… and sure enough, the eye lashes stuck together and got all clumpy and nasty. On the other eye, I applied the mascara as it said in the instructions. Apply, apply, just keep piling it on until the lashes got thicker, blacker and more voluminous, and no waiting between layers. Just one, continuous application until I was happy with the result. And, what a surprise! No clumps, no sticky lashes, and no need for a scary eyelash comb!!!

And, now that you know the secret to truly clump free eye lashes, I will also share with you what my favorite mascara is. I absolutely LOVE Maybelline’s Mega Plush mascara. The washable rates at a 3 in the cosmeticsdatabase, so it is almost green with low to moderate health hazard, and the waterproof rates at a 4 (still in the yellow range).

This is Maybelline’s first buildable gel formula. Other mascaras contain fibers to make your lashes longer and thicker. The problem with fiber formulas is that before the day is over, the fibers end up on your cheeks like little black specks.

Luckily, you don’t get this with Mega Plush. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day, especially if you use the waterproof formula, and it comes off beautifully at the end of the day with my Green Beauty Mascara Remover which I described in a previous post.

Here is a link to Mega Plush Mascara on in case you want to check it out. If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely consider it, because it makes your lashes look absolutely fabulous!

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